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Wagyu Rump Steak (2 pieces)

Wagyu Rump Steak (2 pieces)

$21.15 per ~470 gram steak ($45/kg).  Sold in packs of two.  


Warregold Wagyu - from our paddocks to your plate


Great quality rump steak is a favourite of ours. Big flavour & great textures make rump a really great cut in terms of value for money. When it’s a Wagyu rump, times that by 10!


Grilled as is, rump steak holds its own when plated up as a stand alone steak.  It’s also ideal to cube & skewer for next level kebabs and it’s ridiculously good when utilised in Asian stir fries.

  • Product Info

    In the situation where your requested order is under the paid weight, other products will be added to make up the value (eg. mince, Snagyu's or other, depending on availablity).  


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